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Meet the Andersen A2

The intelligent EV charging point that hides the integrated cable. With smart controlled connectivity, unrivalled aesthetics and pioneering technology.

The A2 gives you the power to control the energy between your home and EV and solar panels. Get ready to transform your EV charging experience.

Andersen EV Charger



Unique design that completely hides the integrated cable and plug. Avoid the dangling messy cable look.


Precision engineered from metal. Metal gives greater strength and durability to your charge point compared to a plastic one. Internally, we use industrial-grade electronics usually found in high-powered tools for improved reliability.

Future Tech

Free over the air updates give you the latest functionalities so your charging experience actually improves over time.

Innovation in Wood

We use Accoya to make our charger wood fronts. Accoya is a sustainably sourced, high-performance modified timber. Low maintenance, beautiful and strong, it is more commonly put to the test in bridge-building or on a ship’s decks. Available in four translucent shades, all with a visible grain.

Smart Scheduling

Synchronise your charges with the off-peak rate on your energy tariff.

Solar Integrated

Charge your car using only the green energy you generate from your solar panels.

Power Balancing

Balance energy usage between energy-hungry devices in the home and your car.

Cloud Connected

Our chargers can be updated remotely, so you’ll always have the latest technology at your fingertips.

Andersen EV Charger Enquiry

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Get a grant of €600 after your charger has been installed and certified.

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