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LED Retrofit Solutions for Businesses & Homes of All Sizes

Increase the energy efficiency for your business with efficiency upgrades though LED Retrofitting.

Our Energy Efficiency Lighting solutions use LED (Light-Emitting Diode) lights. While this technology has been around for some time, it has advanced rapidly over the past 10 years. Businesses are installing LED fixtures and bulbs to help improve their lighting quality while reducing consumption and lowering monthly operating costs. As an added benefit, the reduction in electricity consumption is highly energy efficient and reduces greenhouse emissions which has a positive impact on the environment. Free lighting survey available on request.

Benefits of upgrading to LED for your business:

  • Lower overall electricity expense by up to 25%
  • 5 year unlimited use warranty
  • Improve lighting visibility by 20%
  • Instant “On” and “Off”
  • State rebates available (if applicable)
  • Decrease operating costs
  • Increase lifespan of bulb(s)
  • Lower power consumption
  • Decrease the heat produced from the bulbs
  • Contribute to sustainability
  • Retrofitting gives you extreme energy efficiency

Renehan Electrical’s LED Lighting Solutions and Upgrades will help Reduce Power Consumption and Operating Costs.

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